Saturday, August 30, 2008

Republican choice ...

I have serious doubts about the mental health of the average American ... no, it's not the beer they drink or the fact that they think apple juice is cider, nor is it the inability to understand the rules of rugby (or Geneva Convention) ... it's McCain and the republicans.

The fact that the man is a war hero is automatic grounds for disqualification ... have they not watched Rambo? But it is not the geriatric leader we are interested in ... its his choice of 'running mate': And I'd run if he tried to mate with anyone in public.

The Alaskan Governor (notice, she's so well known no one would recognise her name). Sarah Palin - as in Monty Python Palin?

It is either a brilliant move (so brilliant I'm blinded to it) or an act of such obvious idiocy only a nation of morons would fall for it ...

We need to steal the women's vote off Obama ... he blew it with Hilary .. so find me a woman - er one like that British bint - the Iron knickers one.

And she needs to carry a gun and kill small furry things dead at a 100 feet. That'll get us the murderous-guns-are-right wing vote.

Oh, and sound like the sort of mama would paddle the rump of any upstart teenager black and blue... the sort of mama all patriotic kids need. Morality in the home.

Bit like the old Women of the West - you know, Calamity what's her face - the one who snag whipcrack that way and was played by Doris someone or other ..

A pioneer we can tap in to the WASP mythology ofa oure white improvement in the Mid-West.

The trouble, of course, with that, is the reality:

"Old-timers always claimed Calamity Jane Cannary had a big heart when
she was not drinking, but unfortunately that was not very often. She
was a bullwhacker, a harlot, a scout, an occasional actress and an
accomplished liar. Jane traveled (mostly bumming her way) throughout
the West. There are numerous versions as to how she got her name. One
story says that any cowboy who bought her services was in for a
calamity, meaning they were going to be spending quality time with a
doctor in the near future."

Thanks to The Regulators: Women of the Wild West for the information.

Now that's the sort of woman that'll swing a lot of votes.

(Trouble is, it just might.)

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