Friday, January 06, 2006

On Time

I woke from a bit of a odd dream this morning - to do with working in schools.
Strange, I thought, whenever I dream of a school, the physical setting is nearly always my old secondary school. Even though I have worked in schools all of my adult life (well over 20 years), in various places around the world, for various amounts of time, the pattern of school set in my head is Yew Tree.
Not only that, nine times out of ten (impression not statistics) it is the library I am in.
Next comes my junior school, but far less often.

It is as if one part of the mind is frozen in time.

We think of time as being liniar most of the time (Times Arrow). With the advent of Railways, time required hours and minutes. More modern technology has upped the anti (or downed the length) to the seeming impossibility of living without seconds and smaller units. And in the very short term it does seem as if we move forward.
But there is also the idea that time repeats itself (Times Cycle) in the dayly and seasonal and maybe longer repetions - what with Haley's comet popping up every seventy odd years, (or even the expansion and possible contractin of the whole universe).

We measure normal time it seems to me by the sun. So down on the farm I have calibrated the clock to that - but not precisely. (What have I to do with accursed minutes?)
I wake with the sun usually and, not having electricity, go to sleep with the sun too.

But the dream gives another perspective. Time is a Unity: Time as oneness. It might sound a bit mystical but what do you expect coming from a dream?

Everything I do in connection to education is reprocessed in my brain and associated into one time frame - my brain time. It is a little like mind maps (not the modern way of putting things down graphically, but the conceptual maps you really use to make decisions about where places are) - they have a connection to reality but it is certainly relative and personnal.

When I go forward, I am in fact not moving very far, and my subconcious is bouncing around all over the place (time /space) not going any time and every time.

So time is in fact a whole, not an arrow, not a cycle.

Time for a cup of tea: As every English man knows, it is always time for a cup of tea.

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