Thursday, June 19, 2008

Murray Moan

You know, some people just don't get it do they?

Murray (Brit - meaning not English) - plays tennis (sometimes), and moans a lot.

Pulled out of Queens - thumb hurting - disappointing on clay (disappointing all over) but upset the mandarins at Wimbledon don't rate him higher.

Whoops - they've ranked him way above where I place him in the game.

Watching Queens last week you notice there are the winners and the players you like watching - some do both (Federer) - others do one (Nadal) and others do the other (Gasquet).

In fact, 'the frog' is well up on my list of young players I'd prefer to watch in preference to the moaning Scot! Tennis stops being a sport and starts to become grace, art, dance when some players play.

So much for nationalism!

The other favourite to watch in the male game is Roddick - American. But that's because he's a gentleman.

Murray would not notice one of them even if it bit him.

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