Monday, April 14, 2008

One swallow ...

might not make a Spring - but TWO DO!

Walking home from work (a little bit of aggrandisement there) I sat by the river for a few minutes listening to some music and summoning the strength to walk .. when I saw the two swallows dog-fighting over the Bega.

Lifted the spirits no end.

Timisoara in a normal spring is a beautiful place - there are few cities to compare, and the sight of the swallows was all I needed to spot more and more of the emerging green power.

Well, not just green (although there are few greens like the green of willow weeping into the flowing river) - this year purple and its shades seem to batter the eye.

The Magnolia is generally over - but last year the authorities added a lot of new bushes to the riverside park and they are just emerging in wax-like flames. The flowering cherry too - bright purple pink.

Blood of the sacrificed Winter King.

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