Saturday, March 08, 2008

White and Working Class

Two responses to the BBC:

Has the Sun stopped publication?

Is the media not dominated by sports coverage?

Is the high street emptied of pubs?

Do the conservative party still not promote 'traditional' values?

Goodness - maybe time to come back to a more mature and civilised England!


Born in Wythenshawe - in Deepest White Working Class Manchester - I got an education (state - local comprehensive onto provincial university) so that my voice and opinions were worth listening to: They have been.

So too have the opinions of a lot of school colleagues who followed a less 'exalted' route (eg the girl who worked at two jobs and studied at night school).

Learn to articulate, do something for yourself, get opinions not prejudices and maybe such a silly discussion wouldn't happen.

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Alan K.Farrar said...

Greatly perplexed: The BBC has 'rejected' my last comment! This on a board 'dripping' with xenophobia and racism. What on earth is offensive in what I wrote I wonder?