Sunday, December 18, 2005

Blue remembered hills . . .

I recently posted a message on my old school website: So hello to any visitors from there.

As one gets older ones memories mix with fictions. I know from meetings I have had with ex-students of mine, what they remember is very different from what I remember.

School was a sort of pleasure to me - or so it seems now. I am sure, at the time, I would have said differently.

Individual episodes stick in the memory - singing one of the Three Kings in front of an audience at the Manchester Albert Hall - with Mr Knight conducting; Don Boyle at the piano writing a setting of a Shakespeare song for me to sing (I still hum away to it); Alison Steuart (?) / Berry doing a thousand things - but mostly making Geography live - especially physical Geography (she was the only person who could get me to understand the effect of gravity on the weather); Ms E. Stone (one of the truely great teachers) - rather large humps in a see-through blouse (or is memory playing a trick?).

There was a tomato once - Paula Collins knows all about it.

Steve Keating - strange, one looses touch of people, friendships die even if the friend lives on: But the memories are there.

And the plays: Ruined me for life - ideas of talent - but not got the drive needed to be a success. Never take the stunning hights we reached in them though.

Thank You to all who contributed to a time lost but not totally forgotten.

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