Saturday, November 19, 2005

Oh Brave New World . . .

I just happened to be listening to the BBC World Service - a report on a Blogger reviewing the Media and China.
My Goodness, what a great use of the internet!
Searched, using google, found a site with info on Blogging (I had used information from a blog site before - though never realised what it was all about) found this site from it .... and away we go.

I am pretty warey of all this internet stuff, but now feel there really is a chance for democratic expression in the world politic!

Warning to all - spelling ain't my strongest point.

Subjects likely to come up - education, Green Issues, 4th Generation warfare, Shakespeare, the Media. Oh, and a current bugbear of mine at the moment - language, language use and language learning.

Lived in a number of places (Russia, Romania, North Cyprus, Hungary) and likely to blast forth on issues concerning them - especially Romania.

You don't have to agree with me - although do read whatever Í write for a certain degree of tongue in cheek.

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bardseyeview said...

I'm not wary - the internet really is a brave new world. And you're right to use Shakespeare's famous phrase to describe it.

Enjoyed your thoughts.